Hello, and thank you for stopping by. My book, Make Mine A Double, A Mastectomy That is has been in the top 100 for three years now. It is a great read for newly diagnosed patients and caregivers alike. It will make you laugh, perhaps cry, and at the same time give an honest assessment of the next year in the life of a breast cancer patient.

Available on Kindle or paperback on Amazon:

My RX healing adult coloring book is also available on Amazon and makes for a great gift, chemo bag goody to relieve stress and make one laugh and inspire at the same time.


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And my kids coloring book Why Do My Parents Have To Sign An Agreement With A Hippo For Me To Get Treatment is also available on Amazon:


Proceeds from the sales of the coloring books go towards buying more books to be donated to adult and children's cancer centers all over America.
Donations have already been given to
The Children's Inn at The NIH and to Children's Hospital in DC

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